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Management Support

GeDe Properties LLC is proud to offer the following Management Support:

GeDe Properties now offers a management support team for those of you who live out of state or just don't have the time to do everything. We are not a property management company but rather a management support company.

Area Covered: Our territory is the five mile radius around city hall.

Contact: 724-558-9223 ex 565 or

Scheduling Work: All work load calls must be placed to 724-558-9223 ext 565 (A call to my personal line that is not recorded can easily be forgotten as we are constantly on the move and going from one emergency to the next.) Any corresponding paperwork (ie: code letters, work orders, notices) should follow by being sent to Emergency calls should go to 724-558-9223 ext 301 only emergency calls should be placed to this extension.

Tenant showing and placement: $475.00

This includes

  • An initial walk through of the property with an evaluation of what we see as possible deterrents for getting a quality tenant.
  • General advertising on Zillow & Craig's list.
  • All showings of the property.
  • Signing of the lease with the tenant of your choice.
  • Delivery of the keys to the new tenant at the property rented.
  • All tenants must have the final approval by the owner. GD Properties LLC does not guarantee or hold any liability for the actions of a tenant following the signing of a lease.
  • Any additional checks required by the owner above and beyond the general checks done by GD Properties LLC are at an additional cost paid for by the owner.  


Responsible Agent to the City: $175.00 per/year per/property ($50.00 for each additional unit if not a single family)  10% discount for 5 or more properties. Only properties that GeDe Properties handles the maintenance and repairs are eligible to use GeDe Properties as the Responsible Agent. (Work done by an owner which meet certain standards is acceptable)

This includes

  • Being listed as Resident agent to code enforcement
  • All communications with city officials (Owner should still receive communications from any city office we are the emergency contact for the city.)
  • Other terms apply
  • Does not include code inspections.  

Evictions: $160.00
This includes

  • The filing of the paperwork to the court is done by the owner using paperwork sent to you by GD Properties. When sending in paperwork call GD Properties at 724-558-9223 ext 565 leave a message that you have filled and then email a copy of the eviction and a copy of the lease to . 
  • Preparing for court appearance. 
  • Appearing in court for the eviction. 
  • Court cost not included. (Sent in by owner when filing)

Possession: $100.00
   This includes filing for the lock out at the court & meeting the constable at the property. Standard rates for lock change apply.

Code inspection: $55.00
    This includes meeting code enforcement and going over anything that may need to be rectified.

Re-inspection: $35.00
    Only if we did the original inspection.

Posting of notice: $35.00 Owner must email notice to be posted.

Service call during business hours: $55.00 Monday through Friday 8 am - 5 pm includes 1/2 hour no materials if work can be done at that time.

Service call non business hours: $75.00 includes 1/2 hour, no materials, if work can be done at that time.

G D Properties LLC
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